Best Luxury Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City in 2017

Although, this is not the administrative capital of Viet Nam, Ho Chi Minh city is the big city and center of commerce. It was once known as Prey Nokor. On 2 July 1976, Saigon merged with the surrounding Gia Dinh Province and was officially renamed Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon. It has 5 rural districts and 19 urban districts. Ho Chi Minh city is an important traffic center by land, by air, railway and by sea. In here, it has 2 season: rainy season (from May to November) and sunny season (from December to April of the next year). Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) considered as the Pearl of the Far East.

Now we discover some of the best luxury hotels in Ho Chi Minh City.

Firstly, the best 5 star hotel in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City. District 1 is the best choice to many leisure activities at night.

5 star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City

No.1 The Reverie Saigon

a.The look and feel: The Reverie Saigon was built in European classic style combined with modern style. This is the place which converge the perfect designs of four famous interior architecture of Italy (such as Provasi, Colombostile, Giorgetti and Visionnaire). It’s the highest hotel of Ho Chi Minh City. The hotel has 286 rooms with opening view (Saigon river view and city view).

b. Location

It located in a center of Ho Chi Minh City, District 1. This location is nearby markets, entertainment and shopping center. Opera house, Union Square, ect … is within walking distance of this hotel. At night, this place have many recreational activities.

The Reverie Saigon location

c. Responsive employees and their ability to solve problems: The staffs are professional and friendly. Moreover, they are very eager and aware to please tourist.

d.Room quality: The Reverie Saigon Hotel provide the luxury rooms with many styles and free Wifi. It has the large swimming pool in the top roof. Additional, it has swimming pool for children and the top-notch services (Spa, the gym well-equipped, etc…).

No.2 Caravelle Saigon Hotel

a.The look and feel: Among of the luxury hotels of Sai Gon, this Caravelle Saigon hotel, which is beautiful, clean and in a fabulous location, is historic with American style. Entrance this, Interior of the hotel can feel a bit dated, but then if you’re looking for the 1970s feel the hotel aims for then you can’t really complain. Addition, the pool and Spa area of the hotel were fantastic! Because of the high rise buildings surrounding the hotel, the sun only hits on the loungers for a couple of hours a day. Although Pool is smaller than we thought but it is good. Otherwise, Rooftop bar really is great with good music. Moreover, hotel has a good views, and well-priced drinks. I would recommend the rooftop bar though I’m not staying here.

b.Location: Nearby the Opera House and can go by foot (it tooks few minutes) to most of the landmarks in central Saigon, post office, cathedral and other.

Caravelle Saigon Hotel location

c.Responsive employees and their ability to solve problems: the staff is always professional and helpful in any case of need. They are friendly with face wreathed in smiles.

d.Reputation: According to the estimate of customers, this hotel is fantastic with 8.7/10 through more than 1300 reviews. Almost of rate is comfortable, excellent locations for all activities and friendly staff.

e. Room quality: Décor of room is good although a bit dated (1960’s). The bathroom as well as the room is comfortable, large, and fully equipped.

No.3 InterContinental Asiana Saigon Hotel

a.The look and feel:  This is the 5-star hotel which has a pool, spa, good selection of equipment in gym, beautiful designed rooms and plenty of quite nice restaurants. The lobby of InterContinental Asiana Saigon hotel is wonderful place where is perfect for meeting. Otherwise, this hotel has the official nightclub where has a very chic and relaxed atmosphere. Addition, The pool with good size and plenty of loungers, which is a nice one, stayed under sky.

b.Location: It took few minutes to a number of attractions (Post Office, Notre-Dame cathedral, HCM Square, Opera House, etc.) by walk.

InterContinental Asiana Saigon Hotel location

c.Responsive employees and their ability to solve problems: The staff are very accommodating, pleasant and helpful.

d.Reputation: excellent hotel with outstanding service is the rank which is the customers rate it with 8.9/10 through more than 300 reviews.

e.Room quality: The rooms with high quality: modern, comfortable and clean. This hotel has spacious and quiet room

Other Luxury Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City District 1:

No.4 Park Hyatt Saigon Hotel

a.The look and feel: This hotel was built with French-Vietnamese fusion style which maintained classic combining morden style. This is among of the best hotel in ho chi minh city. It has sophisticated décor. The front of Park Hyatt Saigon hotel was decorated by a beautiful flower garden and elevated water tank. Vietnamese’s culture was brought in this hotel. It was design with many pictures of Viet nam sceneries which made by Viet Nam painter.

b. Location: near Saigon River, the right is Opera House and many famous hotels. This hotel took 30 minutes to go to Tan Son Nhat airport.

Park Hyatt Saigon Hotel location

c. Responsive employees and their ability to solve problems : Complaisant and courteous staff. They are very attentive offering. Staffs are always helpful with a warm smile. Staffs are very very well trained to cater for the diverse interests and needs of the tourist

d.Room quality: This hotel has 245 rooms with modern-day comforts and handcrafted furnitures, warmly decorated. Large rooms with huge bathroom was very comfortable. Moreover, tourist was serve both a la carte dishes and buffet with Western and Vietnamese menus.

No.5 Sofitel Saigon Plaza Hotel

a.The look and feel: Sofitel Saigon Plaza hotel opens on 1998 which has French style. This is a luxury and conveniences hotel for tourist who want to find the combination of the classic and modern architecture. Sofitel Saigon Plaza shows the separately method which means “Live is wonderful” only at Sofitel. This 5-star hotel located on Centre of Ho Chi Minh city where have many kinds of entertainment.

b.Location: Sofitel Saigon plaza is very well located in district 1 within an easy walk of the downtown area, on peaceful Le Duan Boulevard. This is 20-floor building which locates on Centre of the city as a peaceful heaven in an animated Saigon.

Sofitel Saigon Plaza Hotel location

c.Responsive employees and their ability to solve problems: Staff are very friendly and competent. They are speak English very good and service of hotel is perfect.

d. Room quality: Sofitel Plaza hotel has 286 rooms including 11 suits which are elegant, comfort.   All of rooms just repaired and upgrade. Suit room include bed room and separately sitting-room which can use as a comfortable meeting room. All suit rooms placed on the highest floor of the hotel and have the best view to Saigon river sight. Royal room spaces on supreme floor, include main luxury bed room, extra room, huge sitting room and amenity dining room. The royal room was install a terrace where tourist can see a scene of the city. Bath rooms are filled by granite and equipped with high-grade device. Moreover, this hotel has big swimming pool on rooftop with a fine view. Otherwise, gym room is fulfilled equipment and spa in the 3rd floor.

Best Baby Girl Halloween Costumes 2017

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. It is the time when families and friends come home together to celebrate the spooky season dressed up with their favorite costumes. Make everyone in the family enjoy the spirit of this season, even the little ones. If you have a little girl, and you are looking for some of the best baby girl costumes 2014 for this year, then below are some of the best picks that you might want to consider.

Best Baby Girl Halloween Costumes 2017

1. Toddler Girl Pirate Costume

Toddler Girl Pirate CostumeThis costume will surely turn your baby girl into a super adorable pirate wearing a matching pirate dress and a pirate hat. It is so cute that everyone will surely adore your little one, which will also make your little one so happy and eager to celebrate the holiday. You can even add some accessories like stripped stockings, an eye cap, or a fake pirate sword. No one will be able to resist giving her the best treats!


2. InCharacter Unisex-baby Newborn Pink Elephant Costume

Pink Elephant CostumeThis cutie pink elephant costume is made of high quality, machine washable jumpsuit that has a zipper at the back for easy wearing will surely be the perfect costume for a little girl. The jumpsuit also has a matching hood with cute elephant ears that comes with a Velcro for easy an easy snap. This adorable costume is true to its size, so you might want to get the exact size that your child wears for her normal clothes. Don’t worry! She’ll feel comfortable wearing it, because there is an allowance inside that will allow her body to breathe comfortably, while enjoying the trick or treat activity. By the way, the soles are also skid free, so you will never have to worry letting your little one walk around the house amazing guests.

3.InCharacter Infant Flower Costume

Infant Flower CostumeTurn your baby into the cutest flower on earth with this flower costume for infants. The jumpsuit comes with a zipper at the back for easy wearing, and the hood is equipped with a Velcro for easy snap. Dry cleaning is recommended for this particular costume. The soles are also skid free, for your child’s safety and protection.

4. Rubie’s Costume Noah’s Ark Pinky Winky Monster Romper Costume

Monster Romper CostumeSpooky, grouchy, yet adorable and nice. This is what the Pinky Winky mosnster romper costume is all about. It is made of 100% polyester, making it super soft and warm on your little girl’s body. Expect your little girl to receive lots of amazing compliments on Halloween from friends and family.

Best Baby Girl Halloween Costumes 2017 Conclusion

These are some of the best Halloween costumes that you can get your little girl this year. They are so adorable and cute, making your little girl stand out from the rest of the crowd during trick or treat. All of the costumes above are available online. Get them now while stocks and sizes are still available.

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