Baby Halloween Costumes 2017

Baby Halloween Costumes

Baby Halloween Costumes

Know why moms are fond of looking for baby Halloween costumes today? Not just because it’s Halloween but because babies look even cuter with costumes on. The adorable little guys will be great subjects for photos and family albums, that’s why moms are so gaga about which cute costume will be worn by their babies.
This post is a message to moms who want their babies to look more cute and be more cuddly with costumes. Most of the baby Halloween costumes are unisex so your options are expansive. Probably the best Halloween costumes ideas will come from cartoons or fairy tales. Or even animals, since there are so much of them in the market. The game flick of Angry Birds is also one good suggestion because these birds are really popular these days.

Baby Lion King Halloween Costumes

Baby Lion King Halloween CostumesOne popular costume is the baby Lion King Halloween costumes. There’s Simba, the adventurous little lion who went back to his pride (after a fun growing up adventure with a warthog and a strange meerkat) to claim his father’s throne.
Customer review:
“This costume was absolutely adorable on my 13 month old. I bought the 12-18 mos size and it worked out perfectly. Everywhere he went in this costume, people could not help but comment on how cute he looked. My only negative comment is that when I received the costume, the lion’s mane, around the face, shed a lot of loose pieces from when the mane was cut. It seemed like it was one solid piece and the cuts were made, but the material that frayed was not cleaned out. ”


Angry Birds Costumes for Kids

Angry Birds Costumes for KidsMoms who are fond of playing Angry Birds, how about dropping by the costumes store for Angry Birds costumes for kids? The row of characters of Angry Birds is fun and pretty cute when worn by babies.








Baby Octopus Costumes

Baby Octopus costumesBaby octopus costumes are also great wears for babies for the Halloween or photo shoots. The one offered in popular trade sites like Amazon feature a unisex octopus costume with stuffed tentacles.
Customer review:
“Bought this for an “under the sea” birthday party and my kids were the cutest ones there. Well made, durable and just adorable. Little difficult to get them in car seats with the rear tentacles though!! “




Infant buterfly halloween costumes

Infant buterfly halloween costumesThen you may want your baby to become a butterfly. There are several types of infant butterfly Halloween costumes available today, try the Muslin’s Square Butterfly and the Child/Toddler’s Butterfly costume. The wings are pretty colorful and look amazing. I’m also pretty sure they are comfortable for your kids, too.
Customer reviews
“First of all, look how darn cute this costume is. I got it on sale and it was well worth the price. My daughter wore it for awhile on her first birthday. I got some super cute pictures! She’s going 0n 16 months now and it’s looking like she’ll be able to wear it again for Halloween this year. great value! If the hat part distracts or bothers your child the outfit is still cute without it. “

Best Infant Halloween Costumes Unique

When buying baby costumes, be sure to find out the size charts for the costume you choose. Baby costumes don’t come in one standard size since there are a few of them. Measure your baby head to foot so the costume won’t be too big or too short for him or her. The above costumes are merely suggestions and there’s a lot – way too many, actually – best infant Halloween costumes unique in the market. You can shop in malls for the season or shop online for convenience. Amazon is the biggest shop to provide baby costumes but they also run out of stocks so better find other alternative sites.

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