Best Male Halloween Costumes 2016

Best Male Halloween Costumes

cowboy halloweenWhen it comes to male Halloween costumes, the dudes have to be really creative. Some have gone cool and cute, often go with characters from movie flicks. I’ve seen Twilight characters and Harry Potters going around. And I’d say Halloween costumes have gone better these days. I’m not really into the vampires and the wizards. But I’m digging the cool hero’s costumes and funny fuzzy gorillas.

Male Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

Let’s dwell more into male costume ideas. I’ve mentioned vampires and gorillas. Now, I’m adding Superman, Batman, Red Male, Cowboy, Cartoon characters and a funny adult costume about a mama’s boy adult that doesn’t want to grow up. The superhero costumes go great with chicks, probably. And the Mommy-I-Don’t-Wanna-Grow-Up costume will give the pals a few laughs. Wear any of these costumes and you can make it to the stage with the “Best Costume” award.

Superman Halloween

superman halloweenI’ll try to detail my personal suggestions. Starting with the Superman Halloween  costume. The red-and-blue plus perfect hair costume will even look better if you get it with the fake muscles, better yet, wear the standard costume if you have the meat to flaunt. If you bring a date, let her wear the sexy Superman bustier which is a sexy top with the Superman logo.






Batman Elite

batman halloween

I’d also suggest the Batman Elite Costume or Ultra Elite Costumes which is really the Batman in his muscled state. Don’t worry if you don’t have the Bat’s muscles because the costume is inclusive of it!







Men’s Adult-Cutthroat Pirate

priate men halloweenThe California Cutthroat Pirate men Halloween costume is a true outfit for pirate lovers. It comes with wrist cuffs, belt, boot tops, head tie, pants and front lacing detail which make up for a true and unique pirate look. You will definitely look like a real pirate once you get the moves practiced a little bit and have your hook ready while yelling “ARRRRGHH” instead of the traditional trick or treat. Expect people to quiver in fear and hand you their best candies!

Cute Vampire Costume

vampire halloween

But then again, there’s the vampire costume. A cute vampire costume will also be a crowd-pleaser, especially when it comes to women. Be Edward Cullen from Twilight if you want, since that guy sure looks charming.







Colored Gorilla Halloween Costumes

gorrilla halloween

I’ve mentioned “gorilla” before, right? Now I’m mentioning it again. The Colored Gorilla Halloween costumes will be a great surprise to the party. It’s furry and huge.







Red Male Halloween Costumes

redmale halloweenIf you want to be a highlight, by that I mean “noticeable color”, try some of the Red Male Halloween costumes. Be a magician with red cape or a demon with the red “burning” skin.








Men’s Bavarian Guy Costume

bavarian halloweenThe Men’s Bavarian men Halloween costume with Pullover Shirt comes with knee socks, a that, pullover shirt with lace-up collar and of course, the lederhosen. It’s the perfect outfit for trick-or-treating due to its uniqueness and great colors. If you love to drink beer and have a few laughs with your mates while at it, then this costume is perfect for a great night out with plenty of good memories to come!
Customer Reviews:
“All you need are some brown shoes and you’ve got a great halloween costume. Goes great with a beer garden girl as a couple…”

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But Mommy I Dont Wanna Grow Up! Adult Halloween Costume

Adult Halloween Costume
This one costume I’ve been rumbling about for quite a time now is the But Mommy I Don’t Wanna Grow Up! Adult Halloween Costume. Maybe if you’re a dad or a mom with a grown-up son, you can give this cool costume as a present to him. The costume features your son seemingly a baby on his mommy’s back. It’s one hilarious costume. I swear!

Click Here To Find More But Mommy I Dont Wanna Grow Up! Adult Halloween Costume

Morphsuit Original Costume

Morphsuit Original

The original Morphsuit. High quality, 87% polyester, 13% spandex. Fits wonderfully and for the price you pay it’s the best you can possibly buy. There is a ton of imitation Morphsuits out there but these are the official brand and it says it on the back of the suit.

Star Wars Jedi Robe Adult Costume

Jedi Star war

Made of cotton and includes the belt, pants and robe. The ad claims that custom sizing is available for this item to ensure a perfect fit, but they actually use sizing templates so you may not get the exact size that fits you best. The costume quality is very high and it’s nice and thick which gives it an authentic feel.


Where’s Waldo Adult Costume Kit


This is a 100% polyester costume. Includes hat, glasses, and shirt and it’s an officially licensed Where’s Waldo product. It will fit most small and medium sized adults. The fact that no makeup is required to make this costume work well is definitely a main selling feature.

Top Gun Men’s Flight Suit Adult Costume

Top Gun

100% polyester long-sleeve flight costume featuring zip front and embroidered patches on sleeves and chest. This costume DOES NOT include sunglasses, shoes or t-shirt. The costume looks very realistic and it’s fairly high quality for what you’re paying. Slap on some combat boots and aviators and you’ve got yourself a great Halloween costume.

Inflatable Full Body Suit Costume

Inflatable Full Body Suit Costume

This hilarious suit is 100% Poly-blend. The solid color body suit is inflated with a battery-operated fan. Includes jumpsuit, hood, gloves, and socks; one size fits most adults

The fan uses 4 AA batteries, the pouch carries the motor and the suit zips in the back. Amazing price for this all-inclusive suit.

Men’s Power Rangers


This realistic Power Rangers morphsuit is 87% Polyester and 13% Lycra. This is an official power ranger Morphsuits product. Available in medium to XX-large in 8 different colors 4-way stretch, double zip and overlocked stitching. This is the most authentic Power Rangers suit on the market and it fits perfectly on anyone.

Man of Steel Costume

man of steel

Superman Man of Steel costume is 100% Polyester. It comes with built-in muscles, logo on the chest, attached boot covers, amazing cape and molded belt. The suit is great quality and the muscles really make it great. The cape is by far the best part. Available in medium, large and extra large.


Lightweight Banana Costume


This lightweight 100% polyester banana costume will be the center of the joke at your local Halloween party. The suit offers great functional mobility and the price is completely reasonable and the suit will last a good handful of Halloweens.

Men’s Roman Gladiator Adult


This awesome, realistic outfit will certainly steal the show. It comes equipped with a tunic, body armor with attached belt and cape, Velcro shoulder guard, wrist guard, shin guards, headband, armbands, and medallion. The Velcro isn’t that strong but the costume is an overall good buy.


DC Comics Superman Costume T-Shirt With Cape

DC Comics

This is a fantastic costume for a decent price. It’s 100% costume with a sleek polyester cape. The shirt has a screen print logo, muscles and belt. The costume is durable and easy to clean.

Other Halloween Costume Ideas

You can go with the standards, like the usual Frankenstein, Devil or Zombie costumes. Or complete the league of the superheroes with your friends. The suggestions are limitless and there’s not only one, but plenty of best male Halloween costumes you can choose from. You can even be a simple box if you want (I’ve seen a costume with a head just a box and a smiley face is drawn on it). Or an imitation of someone, probably your boss or the janitor.

Which Male Costume Do You Like?

Halloween costume classics

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