College Halloween Costumes 2016

College Halloween Costumes


college-halloween-costumeHow can one connect the idea of college Halloween costumes to college? College is a time of fun and a time of wonder. Blend it with a Halloween party and the college life gets better, well at least for Hollow’s Eve. When college pupils announce a party during this night, everyone is expected to be creative and in most cases, budget-wise. Fortunately, that can be easy. There are literally hundreds to thousands of college Halloween costume options to choose from. They can range from movie characters to game characters. Many of them can be bought at cheaper prices or can be made do-it-yourself.

College Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

Some college Halloween costume ideas:

1 For the girls (single). College girls want their costumes cute and sexy. They can usually choose from pop singers to vintage movie characters. For instance, Lady Gaga’s bizarre looks have always been an issue. Girls can get that bizarre, too. The Kermit Filled Dress or the tall hair duo Lady Gaga once wore during an event. Movies bring good ideas for a college costume. Marilyn Monroe, a classic costume style, never grows old. The Sexy Nurse and the Cheerleader are both eye-catching sexy choices. Some go with the usual costumes, imitating Princess Leia of Star Wars or a Playboy Girl. An adult Dora the Explorer or Alice in Wonderland are two costumes that can tell everyone that even little children from cartoons and fairy tales have already grown-up.


Cute College Girl Costumes Halloween 2016

Men Halloween Costumes 2016

2 For the guys. Guys usually prefer to become comic when coming up with their Halloween costumes. Many of them would choose the scary costumes, because it’s supposed to be Halloween – a time of scares. Some go to parties dressed like vampires, demons, Frankenstein or Freddy Krueger. Other goes with the funny college Halloween costume ideas include Chic Magnet (this guy wore a giant magnet costumes stuck with fake bird chicks) or the College Dean/Professor. Some can go manly, wearing action hero costumes: Superman, Batman, Iron man, Professor X and so on.

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Group Halloween Costume 2016

Halloween costume classics

3 For groups. This is the fun part. When a Halloween party adopts a theme, the participants are excited for a competition. There’s one event that hosts a Halloween party with a zombie-theme in it. College students go to the party dressed up like zombies and most of them are homemade – tattered skin, fake blood and fake gore. A party can get this freaky and creative. Suggested group costumes are the Scooby-Doo Gang, Twilight Vampires or Wolfs, X-Men, the Avengers or the Sesame Street. If you want a creepy group or college humor Halloween costumes, choose a Horror Circus group or dress up like the entire Faculty of your college.



One Night Stand CostumeHalloween happens only once in every year. You can be in several parties in one night, dressed up in your favorite Halloween costume. The important factor here is you having fun. You can be anyone in Halloween. You can simply take out some clothes from your closet or take some stuff from your drawer for accessories. Costumes can be homemade or ordered online – have it your way. Just make sure you know that the best Halloween costumes always have “fun” and “safety” written across them.


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